Using high quality equipment, Poly produces crisp audio. Whether you are recording for a Podcast, an Audiobook or doing Voice over work, Poly will be making sure it sounds incredible in every way. It starts with great equipment and moves to using sound editing software to make it that little bit better. Leaving you with a professional recording.



Giving creative direction to set you up with the right sound, pace and tone for your audio. Producing is a key element to ensuring that your audio is the most listenable to the audience you are speaking to. It’s easy to get a little off track or lose energy when recording, so having a Poly producer in the room helps give that direction where it can be missed.



Catering to all types of ideas and processes. It’s rare to find people that have the same process as the previous. That’s why Poly makes it personal, catering to your needs in a way to make the whole process the best it can be. From selecting a comfortable chair to choosing the time of day you want to record all the way to getting you a good cup of wine, beer, whisky, coffee, tea. 



Uploading your content on all the right platforms is crucial to get the word out about your audio. Poly keeps up to date on all the trends and best platforms to put it all onto and we have a great range when it comes to price that you can choose from depending on where you want your audio to get to.



Poly will be cheering you on the whole way. Poly is always excited to see a project up and going, from start to finish the process is something to celebrate. Because regardless of the outcome, everyone worked together to make something great.